The good news about financing your new machine is our trusted partner company Sterling Capital Leasing.

The difficulty with financing a piece of dairy equipment is that most financial institutions are geared up to handle a car or a boat or an airplane. A batch freezer? What’s that? At Sterling Capital Leasing their President, Mr. Barry Fink, has sold Taylor machines and currently does leasing for Electro-Freeze and Emery Thompson. Barry knows his ice cream parlor equipment! Usually a financial institution, not knowing what a batch freezer is will merely raise the terms of the agreement. That way if you decide that working for yourself and making lots of money isn’t for you, they can step in, take back the equipment and not lose anything because they have been charging you confiscatory rates. Sterling Capital Leasing knows our equipment and can therefore offer you a fair rate with terms you can live with.

Note that when I recommend a company, you will be directed right to the President of the Corporation.

Barry Fink
Emery Thompson Financing Specialist

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Financing your new Emery Thompson

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