Air Vs. Water

My Water-cooled Machine Shuts Itself Down, Overheats!

A Strange Twist

Just a Minute!! Is my Refrigeration Getting Cold Enough?

Dasher motor starts but the compressor does not come on

Troubleshooting your Emery Thompson

Scraper Blades and Dasher

Infinite Overrun Control (I.O.C.)

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12-Quart Batch Freezer

24-Quart Batch Freezer

44-Quart Batch Freezer

CB-200 Countertop Batch Freezer

CB-350 Countertop Batch Freezer

Batch Freezer Operating Manuals

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Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Puerto Rico
and the Caribbean affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

If your Emery Thompson Batch Freezer has been exposed to flooding or partial flooding, it can often be brought back to life. Our past experience is they survive well in floods. Things like start and run capacitors and contactors/starters need to be changed. We stand ready 24/7 to help with parts and expertise. 718-588-7300


IRMA UPDATE 09/14/17:

​​Hurricane Irma has made it's passage through our area here in Brooksville, Florida and we are back in full operation

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Freezing times getting longer? Machine maintenance and blade sharpening are a must!

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Unpacking the CB-100

CB-100 Countertop Batch Freezer

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