Make It Fresh
Emery Thompson Machine

Seminar held in Brooksville, FL

Hosted by: Steve Thompson, Christi Brown & Jeff Markow
~In person seminar where we will show you how to make frozen desserts and get into business!
~Seminars available six times a year
~Also available for separate purchase: “Making Sweet Success” recipe book by Christi Brown with over 100 recipes.

Ice Cream Boot Camp
Jeff Markow aka “Tie Dye Jeff”
Now available as a correspondence course and recipe book

Scoop School
Steve Christensen
Scoop School held in Wildwood, MO

~Video correspondence and live in person training

University of Wisconsin*
Dr. Scott Rankin
Course located in Madison, WI
~In person live hands-on courses
~Courses held annually

Penn State University*
Dr. Robert Roberts
Course held at Penn State University (Food Science Building), PA, 814-865-5444, 814-865-8301
Ice Cream 101 Introduction to Frozen desserts
~Course held in January

Clemson University*
Dr. Johnny Mc Gregor
Course held in Clemson, SC
No non-student course – yet

You are welcome to use my name at all the above courses and institutions.
*Most all Universities have contacts that may be available for hire to solve
your personal questions about your business, your ice cream blend and other
pertinent questions.
Steve Thompson
President and CEO, Emery Thompson

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