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any time – but especially during our warm Florida winters! 

You can expect an ET to last 40 years or more! The competition is satisfied to survive 11 years. The reason for this great longevity is due to the fact that our machines are all hand made using American made parts, an American labor force and American technology. Although we can custom build a machine for you in four weeks, the entire process actually takes about five months. Our front doors, dashers and other critical parts are cast stainless steel and are produced at our foundry in Wisconsin. The front door alone goes through 25 hours of machining and polishing before it is assembled on to your new batch freezer!  THE MAGIC OF THE INTERNET Thanks to some really great technology, we have retained our New York City telephone numbers. Why? because with no maintenance needed on our machines for at least the first ten years (and very little after that) no one ever calls us! We thought you might forget that we moved from the Bronx down to sunny Florida. You can reach us at 718-588-7300 or Steve Thompson’s personal E mail address of

Emery Thompson batch freezers is proud to announce the opening of it’s all new manufacturing facility just north of Tampa Florida. After 100 years in New York City, Emery Thompson has moved all its operations to a new factory built to owner Steve Thompson’s specifications. Located just 37 miles north of Tampa in Brooksville, Florida, the factory features state of the art manufacturing techniques,its own TV studio for web broadcasting and a 7,500 foot long runway for private jets! Steve Thompson and his staff welcome you to come visit our new facility at