I think what you and Jeff are doing is one of the greatest things in the ice- cream industry.

- Edwin Welsh

I have watch many of your videos and have loved every one of them, so thank you so much for making life a little easier for me but also making me feel fearless when coming up with recipes myself.
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, and fingers crossed that I will be needing a batch freezer in the near future. - Donna Leclaire

I just tried the other day the machine (it was finally installed by electrician) OMG what a machine, I was so impressed with the quality of the final product and how fast it made the ice cream, so thank you so much for an amazing machine!
- Nicolás Leonhardt


A nice shot of us making black raspberry ice cream on my Emery Thompson. It really is awesome

Robert Herrick, Dancing Dog Ice Cream Cafe, Charleston, WV 

Good Morning Steve

just wanted to get you another update..
Our first month we did $35k second Month $40k 
This week we had our biggest week yet with a $3,900.00 Saturday night !!!
My CPA has given your Machine a Nick Name 
The ATM :) 
Again thank you to you and Jeff!! 
Crazy !! Ice Cream !! 
Thank you 
George ! -
George Stacy, Cotee River Creamery, New Port Richey, FL

Thank you so much for your continued support to those in our industry.  Yes you supply the worlds best batch freezer.  You and your team do so much more that that.  Your  support with recipes is much appreciated.  You are such a great ambassador  to the industry.  Thank you so much for all you do. Wishing you and Paula and your team a wonderful season. 

Andy Gauvain, Crave Frozen Desserts, Dravosburg, PA

Hi Steve and Paula,
Maria and I wanted to thank you for all your help this year as we came out of retirement to start this adventure in the ice cream business. Das Ice Cream Café is in beautiful alpine Helen, Georgia, a German themed village in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. We are celebrating our 1-year anniversary having opened in the middle of the Covid pandemic. We wanted to bring some normalcy to everyone through our freshly churned ice creams. We would like to thank Emery Thompson Machines for your workhorse batch freezer, it has performed beyond our expectations this past year.  Steve, Paula, and their staff have been there answering questions, shipping parts while Steve is always a phone call away supporting us. Thanks!
Das Ice Cream Café took the leap into this business with an Emery Thompson 24-quart batch freezer, and we are so glad we did, making over 1,700 gallons of ice cream during our 300+ batches in the machine. We make traditional, dairy free, and adult (alcohol infused) flavors adding all kinds of ingredients into the machine which has performed flawlessly.  Our customers are amazed as they watch us make our ice cream in the shop. Our 50th flavor made this year is a sugar-free, dairy-free banana/strawberry for our diabetic customers.  Steve Thompson put us on track to provide another alternative in our flavor portfolio during our visit to the factory earlier this year, thanks Steve! Thanks to our community for supporting and embracing what we are doing, using the best locally sourced ingredients, when possible, for our fantastic flavors.  It has been a lot of hard work but a fun year. We just found out we were mentioned in the
July issue of Georgia Trend magazine, and they hope to do a feature on us soon. Thanks again Steve for all your support, see you at ConeCon in Orlando!

- D. Whittington and Maria Anderson, Das Ice Cream Café, Helen, GA 

Good morning Christi,
My CB350 has arrived with only two  minor scratch‎es on the top corners where the coating was rubbed off.  Minor, and of NO concern. Where TOP Customer Service, TOP Quality Workmanship, and TOP, High Quality Machine  Performance is concerned,  ‎ ET is at the TOP of the List, AND, the extended Wait times for delivery is well worth it. Please pass on a Very Hearty THANK YOU to YOU,  Steve, Paula and the Whole Crew of Professionals who put their Best Efforts into producing my CB350.
I can't Thank you enough. -
 (Smiling)  John Bennetts​​​, Williams Lake, BC

Hello Steve, 
Hope this email finds you well. I’m very happy with my machine, I also wanted to share my thoughts on your team, Cristi and Mike have been fantastic helping me out through the issue I had with my CB-200. Special kudos to Cristi, she’s been amazing, so quick to respond and very knowledgeable. I am very happy I chose to work with you and your team, and I look forward to more interactions as I grow. Best Regards,  - 
Alejandro Salazar, future business owner, Mountain View, CA

I’ve been meaning to email you for a while. I started watching your videos on YouTube about 5 years ago by accident. I was stuck in the corporate world and got little to no satisfaction from my work.
Fast forward 5 years and I have never been happier. We are selling so much ice and gelato, our machine never stops running. It’s been a blast. I’m working with my family, and love every minute of it. Thank you for putting out the products you do and for being so open with recipes and the knowledge you have of the business. The Cucinella family is very thankful for Emery Thompson, hope to be placing an order for a 24 quart soon!  -
 Jeremy Cucinella, Cucinella's Pizzaria & Italian Ice, Winterville, NC

Steve, we are at the end of our first full month of using and selling our Caribbean Flava Ice and it has been an unparalleled success...I believe that we may have to purchase machine that is one step above the CB350 before the years end...Right now I foresee problems keeping up with the product demands. Thanks again and I will look forward to spending the money for the 12Qt. Machine  - Caribbean Flava Ice, Killeen, TX

​​Hi Steve and Paula,
I just wanted to send you a note and let you know that our first 2 months since we opened Honeycone Craft Ice Cream in Chester, CT have been amazing.  We have surpassed all daily/weekly forecasts and have been the "talk of the town".  We keep hearing that our model of business of handmade, quality ice cream was a much needed addition to our town. The product is repeatedly described as the best ice cream customers have tasted.  We are overwhelmed with emotion and thankfulness and we just wanted to let you know our CB350 "ET" is working its little heart out (as we are too)! Thanks for all of the initial direction from our first phone call back in February,  It is so great to see our mother-daughter business come from an idea to a detailed  business plan to open within this crazy year. Wishing you both a wonderful holiday season!
All our very best,
Tula McDougal and Christiana Barabe - 
Honeycone Craft Ice Cream, Chester, CT

Steve & Paula,

I received my Emery Thompson 44-BLT machine today! After some delays we received it at about 6pm, and we were had it hooked up and ready to go by about 6:30. We had the hookups ready, the hard part was just getting it off the pallet 😂🤣. We had our first batch running by 7pm and completed our run for the day with it.
I just wanted to reach out and tell you how impressed I am by this machine. An Emery Thompson is the machine I learned on, and over the last 17 years I have traveled all around the world, and have batched practically on every single machine know to man. During the start of year I was in Italy for a month! I was at Sigep literally with every machine in the world except yours and electro freeze and batched on every single one. Cattabria, carpigiani, technogel, Duke, taylor, valmar, bravo, and many more. As the official #1 gelato chef in North America everyone is always trying to get us to try, and of course buy their machines. We left Italy with no purchases, came home and contacted you.I know you have said it before, but this really is the best Emery Thompson Machine ever. It’s still the same machine I ran since I was a kid, but still the small improvements like the the adjustable shelf, and the push button refrigeration make all the difference. This new version of the IOC, the help videos built in, built in timer, and warning alarm are amazing. Not to mention my first batch ran in 10 minutes off the pallet, perfect overun, and the beater is very responsive while the scrapers are efficient. Very happy with this purchase, and can’t wait for the next few In the coming years! 
Mike Guerriero -  
Gelati By Mike/Guerriero Gelato, Caldwell, NJ​

Hi Steve, 

I have been using my CB-350 for a few months now and I marvel at how quickly, easily, and well it does its job.  A few months ago you called me back on a Sunday to answer a few questions. I am a fan you and your company from watching your videos about how your equipment works, so I was very excited to receive you call. Thank you for taking the time to call me and spending more time that you had probably planned to spend on the call. 
After a short period of using my CB-350, I was excited to discover that your batch freezer is everything you claim.  It is also remarkably easy to use and clean. Most exciting for me if that its design doesn't limit you. The variety of things you can create are exciting.  I find myself pondering its use for non-deserts and will likely pursue this slightly odd notion in the near future.  I am particularly excited by the infinite overrun.  I find myself wanting to gush on a topic you already know well and am thrilled that I get to use this machine.  It is the sort of machine that has the potential to make artisans out of anyone with a desire to be one. 
Thank you for taking the time to talk to me.  I look forward to visiting your factory some day and meeting you in person.  I wish more companies had your vision.  You make equipment whose interfaces are as simple.  This allows immediate recognition of what needs to be done to use the machine.  Most importantly, the equipment never distracts from the work the user is focused on and does not get in the way of creating a quality product.  I realize I am running on, but I am very excited to see equipment that is durable, simple to use, flexible, and so well suited to its purpose.  Your equipment is exactly what it needs to be.
Eric Hutchins - Anchorage, Alaska

​Good morning Steve,
Just wanted to share some good news with you. I was going to do a “soft opening” last Wednesday, then the storm hit. We lost all power and the town went dark. I pleaded with everyone that I knew if they had a generator.  I got 3 to keep all my freshly made, and initial, ice cream cold. Since I’m on a main thoroughfare I stayed awake literally all night for 3 days and nights to make sure they were gassed and no one stole them. So the soft opening never happened. The next day, Thursday, I figured since I’m here and there’s daylight I’ll swing open the doors and see if I can get 3 or 4 customers walking by. In twenty minutes I had nearly 60. Word spread faster than COVID. Since we had no lights anywhere, people used their cell phones to read the board and help me and an employee see what We were scooping. On Friday the building was evacuated because of high levels of carbon monoxide from two other tenants generators in the back of the building. The power came back on late Friday and the lines and reviews skyrocketed Friday and Saturday. Sunday we lost water and had to close for an hour not knowing if it would come back on, which it did. Since I had no dairy delivery because of the power outage I ran out of ice cream!! 
So this was a helluva opening, and I wouldn’t change a thing - except maybe more sleep.
The 24 quart ET is fantastic! 
Thank you.
Be well, Randy -  
Randy's Homemade Ice Cream, Pompton Lakes, NJ

I heard a fun phrase the other day, “if it’s not turning it’s not earning “. Well we are coming up on three years of our ET turning and earning. I know I’ve told you this before but I just can’t believe the amount of hard work this ET batch freezer has done and just keeps on humming. Just about every piece of equipment from a waffle cone maker, the walk in freezer, gelato case, iPad, faucets, all have needed to be repaired or replaced in the last three years. My ET just keeps saying “bring it on” !!
We have done thousands of batches of gelato, ice cream and frozen lemonade and all I have done is lube and clean. 
Thank you again for building an American made tank of a machine !!
Jerry Dunn
Scoops - Catalina Island

Hi Steve,
I hope this email finds you well.  
This might sound a little patronizing, but here goes - thank you so much for doing what you're doing!
To be specific - your videos, your recipes and the contacts you have listed on your website (not to mention your awesome batch freezers!).  I've referenced your site so many times I've lost count.  Just today I contacted Dignman's Dairy for some 3 gallon tubs and things could not have gone better!  I've incorporated many of the recipes you have listed and run my CB-350 several hours a week.  My little business is growing.
You've really helped this small business owner - as I'm sure you've helped others!
Not to overstate, but I think this fits Emery Thompson:
“It is truly enough said that a corporation has no conscience. But a corporation of conscientious men (and women) is a corporation with a conscience.”  ― Henry David Thoreau

Again - thanks Steve.  Have a great 4th of July holiday! - Tim Johnson, Founder, EPIC Craft Ice Cream

​We're very proud to say that we are the very first and only homemade ice cream shop in the town of Orocovis, Puerto Rico. All our recipes were created by my wife and we try, whenever possible, to use local products like banana, coffee, passion fruit,  ginger and rosemary just to name a few. Having our high standards it would only make sense to have an Emery Thompson machine which we wanted from day one. Unfortunately, we had limited funds when we started our business a year ago, so we had to settle for a very old/used Taylor machine. It was painful and annoying but we managed. We did great our first year and we were finally able to buy a real machine. While getting ready to buy it we got an offer to buy a used Carpigiani machine. It would've been easier to buy that one as it was from a nearby town. But our answer was simple, we wanted the Emery Thompson customer support, the videos, to deal with a family owned business, ect. We got our machine (CB -350) and immediately fell in love with it. The ice cream tastes better, and we're now saving a lot of time. Now making ice cream is more FUN! We can honestly say this is a new beginning :)

 - Reniet Ramirez-Rivera, Franchella Ice Cream Co., Orocovis, PR

​Hello Steve, I just want to say thanks for all your support and creating such a great machine, this is my first bussines after working for a company for almost 29 years and just opened my own place a week ago even with this crazy situation regarding the pandemic. I have been using my machine almost every day and it is really great to have it operate so easy and to be able to rely on it so much. It truly exceeded all my expectations. Thanks again and please thank your team for all their hard work as it is truly showing in this beautiful machine! Muchas muchas gracias!
- Alfonso Ruiz, La Garrafa MX, Montebello, CA

Just wanted you to know.  We got our electricity on this morning and we made our first batch of Italian ice using our CB350.  We made orange Italian ice just like you and Jeff made in your seminar.  Amazing just as it was in your class.  Thank you for your wonderful service and making such an awesome machine. 

This is our biggest seller by far. “Velvet Elvis”:  Chocolate fudge,  peanut butter, Banana ice cream.  We absolutely love the rainbow ice divider! 


Warm Regards,
- Andy & Debbie Gauvain, Crave Frozen Desserts, North Versailles, PA

​Thank you, Emery Thompson, for helping us succeed! We are quickly becoming known for making the best home made ice cream in Mt. Pleasant and surrounding areas. We let people know we use the Emery Thompson CB350 machine to make our ice cream. THANK YOU! 
- Gary and Debbie Frye, Pleasant Memories Sweets & Treats, Mt. Pleasant, NC 

Steve, Last Summer my wife and I purchased a CB350.  We were looking for a way to bolster our Summer doughnut sales with our own Italian Ice. We were selling a local brand of ice cream with modest success. We decided to start producing our own ice cream in addition to the ice. Our sales for ice cream/ice have quadrupled. We can now make whatever we want. Since we are a bakery we can throw in baked goods left over at the end of the day!  Sticky buns, apple crisp, peach cobbler.  It’s endless and our customers love the freshness and variety!  We may need to change our name to Emingee’s Italian Ice and Ice Cream!
Greg Cornman, Emingee’s Fastnachts and Coffee, York, PA

Steve, yesterday I made my first batch out of my 350. It was your recipe for strawberry Italian ice.  OMG, my wife and I couldn’t believe the taste, texture and simplicity.  Great machine and a Great product. Thank you! 

- Bill Goldsmith

Good afternoon Steve, Haven’t had a chance to talk to you since we opened up a little over 2 weeks ago. It is everything an ice cream shop owner would want it to be. We opened the doors and haven’t had a chance to breathe. As I told you earlier, I have a real job that I don’t want to leave for at least 2 more years. That being said, I’m not getting any sleep. They are selling more ice cream than what I can churn at night, I’m always behind. Most nights I leave between 12:30 and 2:00, it’s a 5 minute drive home, clean up get in bed and get up at 5:30 for my real job. This morning I left the ice cream shop at 3:45, we have a big fund raiser going with one of the local high school’s and they plan on having over 200 people come in this evening. I had to build up some inventory.

I cannot tell you on how many levels purchasing the 24NW-IOC was one of the wisest decisions of my life. I don’t know what I was thinking when I thought the CB 350 would keep a shop going. You just don’t know until you experience opening and running a shop. The 24NW is a beast, love it. I still make experimental flavors, custom orders, and watermelon Italian ice on the 350. The watermelon ice is a huge hit on a hot afternoon.

We posted our menu on Facebook this past week and in 2 days had something like 2,500 hits on it. I will send you some pic’s in the next couple of days. I think you will be proud of the new home I built for your 2 machines.
Much Thanks for all you have done Steve.
Ken Swayze, OMG Creamery, Wylie, TX

Howdy Homemade Ice Cream hits the shelves of all 10 Central Market grocery stores tomorrow. 2,160 pints. Your machine is awesome. I hope you are well. 
-- Tom Landis, ​Howdy Homemade Ice Cream, Dallas, TX & Salt Lake City, UT

Steve, It has now been almost four years since we visited you and took the ice cream making course. We have made thousands of gallons of ice cream on our 24 quart ET machine. I’ve begged you to tell me what maintenance I need to do to make sure it doesn’t break down like everything else in my shop from the waffle cone maker to the espresso machine. You just keep telling me to just keep making ice cream, gelato and frozen lemonade and call me in forty years. Well, I know I’ve said this before but THANK YOU,  THANK YOU, THANK YOU for making the best piece of equipment I have ever bought. It is the life blood of my shop and just keeps going and going. I give it lots of love and a good cleaning every night and a fresh cleaning before I start again in the AM, but that’s it. Keep up the good work you and your team are doing. Let’s continue to Make America Great with the best ice cream with the best equipment an ET Batch Freezer !
Jerry Dunn, Scoops, Catalina Island

Steve, I have to complain a little about your and Jeff's videos that you guys have put together.  In many of them you guys basically said you put up a sign that says ice cream and the people will show up.  Right now I have been open for 4 days and I am about two days from hitting my expected sales number for the month.  Luckily I hired my kids to work up here with me or I would not ever get to see them.  I am sending this email at about 3 AM and I am not even close to getting caught up.  We went through every one of our cups, spoons, and we can not make waffle cones fast enough to even begin to build an inventory.
Obviously this is coming from a sarcastic place.  After all that is the whole theme of our shop, Tongue In Cheek Ice Cream.
I have to give you guys a major thank you for the great advice you have produced through your videos.  I have implemented many of your ideas including the non dairy options.  I have a 16 flavor dipping cabinet for ice cream and another 8 flavor just for non dairy and they have been a huge hit in the vegan, lactose intolerant communities.  They all tell me everyone else only gives them one option. Your machine is a work horse, and has been running just about non stop for the last 4 days.

-- Brett Smith, Tongue In Cheek Ice Cream, Richardson, TX

I was so excited to see this machine (CB-350) at a commissary last week and felt how well built that machine is even the door was heavy and very well built I've been watching you now for about a month and a half ritually ever since i stubbled on your videos on youtube I felt like I was standing next  to you and jeff ,,lol,, I live in California and not a lot of Italian ices  but hope and dream of getting one of those machines to make my own  one day as I’am a hot dog vendor hopefully by next year in the spring I will have sufficient funds but just wanted to say thank you and jeff sooooo much for the motivational videos its really truly inspiring . iam going through a divorce right now but once its all said and done my new found love will be an emery Thompson machine ,, I mean come on  its not going to talk back to me, its going to make me money , and will  make me delicious desserts ,lol,, and it will surely be with me till death do us part.

-- Orlando Colon

Paula and Steve, Thank you so much for all your help with this purchase. You both provided wonderful customer service from start to finish. It was so easy to work with your company from start to finish. I even received a follow up call from Steve himself in the beginning on the process. You don’t find that kind of customer service and company pride very much anymore and it was so refreshing to experience! We are so excited to bring this state of the art, American made, piece of equipment to our Institution and use it for all our Baking and Pastry and Culinary Programs! Thank you again for all that you’ve done.
Susan C. Markovich, Special Programs Coordinator, Kiesendahl School of Hospitality, Lackawanna College

I just received the rainbow ice maker from you folks and although I have not had the opportunity to use it yet, I just had to say what a nice piece of work it is. I was amazed that the attention to detail down to the small grove at the bottom to fit my 2.5 gallon bucket to perfection. I dont currently use your machines but when it is time for me to replace a machine I will be looking at your equipment. If you care about something this small I can only imagine what you must do for your big equipment. Thank you

-- Darryls Freels

Steve, thank you for making such a quality machine. We opened our shop this week and we are selling more ice cream in a day that I was thinking we were going to sale in a week. In this day and age quality equipment is hard to come by much less a company that stands behind their work. Thanks

-- Cliff Hibbitts, Hibbitts Ice Cream, Farmersville, TX www.facebook.com/hibbittsicecream/

​Hello - What an incredible machine!!!  Anything we should do for a 10 year service?? Honestly, 10 years of having Moo Creamery, a very busy, high volume restaurant, our Emery Thompson batch freezer has never had a problem!  We have not put one penny into that machine and I cannot say that about any other pieces of equipment in this restaurant!  
What an amazing investment!  I cannot say enough, not only about the product, but about the service, as well!  You are the absolute best and your standards are unmatched!!  
Thank you so very much - keep up the incredible work!!! 
Jessica Pounds, Moo Creamery, Bakersfield, CA  www.facebook.com/moocreamery/

​TOWNIE IS OUR LOVE STORY -- Hi! We are Robin Flint and Stephen Gore, and we live in the beautiful seaside town of Hull, Massachusetts, 6 miles from Boston by water, 22 by car. We've both had several careers in our lives from retail to working in group homes with special needs adults (where we met!), to most recently for Stephen, computer technical support, and piano tuner/technician for Robin. As we approached our 31st wedding anniversary in 2015, we decided that our dream would be to work together. We love spending as much time together as we possibly can, and since we're not getting any younger, we thought about what we could do to make our dream happen. We get asked all the time "how did you come up with the idea for frozen desserts?" Honestly, neither one of us really remembers! We're guessing it must have been something we saw on a television cooking show. Anyway, it struck a chord with us. We purchased a good quality kitchen countertop model and started experiementing. It was a blast! We had tastings with our friends, and everyone seemed to really enjoy what we came up with. We figured we were on to something, so we researched professional batch freezer machines. The very first company we came across was the Emery Thompson Company. Reading through their website and watching a couple of their instructional videos, we decided to jump in. We sold all our toys, including Stephen's 2014 red Mustang GT and my 1967 VW Beetle, and purchased an Emery Thompson CB-350. Emery Thompson is the company who supplies batch freezers to all the biggest names in the industry like Ben and Jerry's, Hagan Daz, etc. But while their machines produce 44 quarts at a time, our CB-350 makes 6! Hey, you've got to start somewhere! Our start was a little rocky - finding kitchen space that soon disappeared, coronary bypass surgery for Stephen - but starting in 2017 we were ready to rock and roll. We found a home for our machine in the nearby town of Kingston, MA at a shared commercial kitchen space where we concoct our recipes (I like to call them elixirs) and spin them in the Townie batch freezer. Winter 2018 you will find us at Farmers' Markets around the South Shore including Plymouth, Marshfield, Braintree, and Kingston. We’ll also be at Russell’s Garden Center in Wayland and at Simpson Springs in South Easton. Check out our calendar to see where we'll be and when. We welcome orders via our Facebook page, Townie Frozen Desserts, or by email from our website contact page. The response to our small batch, handmade, vegan, dairy-free, nut-free, frozen deliciousness has been tremendous, and we thank you for helping to make our dream come true! -- Robin Flint & Stephen Gore, Hull, MA  www.towniefrozendesserts.com

"BTW,we  love your machine, its like the "ever ready bunny that just keeps going" like Bob always boasts, Made in America! All of the tours of journalists from all over the world that come through Bob takes them back and shows off your machine. He's like a big kid who just got his first "A"!"
-- Kristie Thomas, Key Largo Chocolates and Ice Cream, Florida Keys. www.keylargochocolates.com

"It has been two years I have been running my 24 quart batch freezer.  We run this machine every day and sometimes looooong days running 2-4 batches of a flavor. On a side note I’m sooooooo glad I stepped up and got the 24 quart and did not get the 6 or 12 quart. Even with the 24 quart we are running 3-4 batches per flavor to keep up. Every piece of equipment from the waffle cone makers to the freezer compressor has failed at some time. My Emery Thompson just keeps on going the only issue I have is the logo emblem came off the front of the machine. 

I’m not sure how I communicate my appreciation for you Steve Thompson for building an absolute tank of a machine. This fine piece of machinery goes to war every day and often gets abused but still come up looking pretty every morning.

My thanks to you Steve and your crew."

​- Jerry Dunn, Scoops - Catalina Island, jerry@scoopscatalina.com

"Hello Steve.  Just wanted to tell you that we are loving the new CB100.  We had an ice cream store in Atlantic City that we sold this past spring.  The new CB100 is perfect to feed our need to make ice cream at home.  Our boys are loving helping in the process. Best wishes, John Thayer"​

"Thank you for the email Steve.
Once again it was truly an honor speaking to you. I will look in to this new product geared towards millennials. Since you like the taste of it,  it sounds like it would really be worthwhile. Thank you for sharing it with me. I will keep you posted on the progress of my first store. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge about the ice cream and Italian ice business. 
I really learned a lot from you and watching your videos on YouTube.
 It was your video that spoke about the good money to be made in selling Italian Water Ice, that got me started . I can never forget you saying that it cost $0.04 to make a cup of water ice and the extra money you can make.
 I started out 5 years ago with an ice cream truck that I bought from a guy in Staten Island. Now I have two trucks and on the verge of opening my first brick-and-mortar place in Wilmington Delaware.   I am just grateful to have the opportunity of being in this business, and learning from you. I won't take up too much more of your time. Thank you again for accepting my call, and for everything I've learned from you in the business. 
I'm hoping one day in the future I can come see you in person and your wonderful manufacturing facility.
 I got into this business  to spend more time with my family, and be my own boss. Thanks to your help, I'm sure I will reach this goal once my new store opens and gets established in Wilmington Delaware.
I hope you and your family have a great day, and I hope to be in touch again.

Dino Thompson from Dino's ice cream truck in (New Castle) Delaware."

"Mr Steve:
I have been making ice cream and gelato with my Emery Thompson  for about 18 months so far. I attended the class in Florida with my wife as a virgin ice cream maker with no experience. I’m not exactly sure how many  hundred of gallons I have made since then but I can tell you we will probably do a million dollars in business this year on average $7.00 at a time. I have fixed or maintained just about everything at or shop from the dishwasher to the coffee brewer with one exception my, Emery Thompson. It just keeps on going like the stainless steel tank that was promised. I’m not exactly sure how customers find Emery Thompson with the other giants in the batch freezer industry claiming such a huge percentage of the batch freezer business. What I can tell you that if they have found Emery Thompson they are on the right path

The other key ingredient to my success (besides hard work) is Mr. Rocco Giovanniello. I’m sorry Steve but Rocco is just as important or possibly more important to my success then my ET. You combine the ET “tank” and the fine honed skills of Rocco Giovanniello you can pretty much be guaranteed success unless you are trying to sell ice cream to Eskimos. 
When I first looked at the ET’s I struggled like most on how much to spend. Can I get by with a CB-350 or should I plan for success and get the 12 quart , but then why buy a 12 quart when for a few dollars more you can get the 24 quart. Well after staring at the ceiling many nights I decided my time was worth something and working twice as hard with a CB-350 was not my goal so I pulled the trigger on the 24 Quart. This was again a perfect decision. I can’t imagine making the volume of ice cream I make 1 1/2 gallons at a time. I actually in our peak season I am now making double batches of flavors in my 24 quart machine. 
Steve made claims in our class of answering any question anytime. I can tell you from personal experience he actually does this, anytime, any day, any hour !! I just introduced frozen lemonade, sort of styled after Del’s frozen lemonade of Rhode Island. Steve sent me a better recipe, the information on how to make it and it came out spectacular. My ingredients cost will average 2 cents per ounce. This means a 16 oz serving cost me 32 cents and I sell it for $4.75. 

I’m writing this for those trying to decide should I invest the time and money to attend the "Perfetto Gelato Training!" with Rocco Giovanniello” at the ET factory. I can tell you you cannot afford to not attend if you plan to be successful in the ice cream or gelato business. Any questions ?? Thank you Steve & Rocco,"

- Jerry Dunn, Scoops - Catalina Island, jerry@scoopscatalina.com

"Hello My names is James McHugh owner of Temperature Systems Solutions out of Jacksonville FL. I have ordered parts from Emery and always have been satisfied and I only here good things about Emery Thompson. Several of my clients have already started ordering parts from Emery Thompson. Recently Rita's Jax beach owner <..........> & Rita's Beach Blvd Onwer <..........>. I'm so thankful for Emery Thompson for keeping parts in stock for my clients."

"The Emery Thompson Ice Cream Batch freezers are second to none, not to mention your company invented Commercial Ice Cream batch freezers over 100 years ago. As artisan ice cream producers, we create and improve our recipes everyday, but without 110% reliable machinery, a viable business plan just wouldn't be successful without your top of the line equipment. Many many thanks and keep up the fine craftsmanship!"  "Velvet - A Candy Store", 507 E Grand River Ave, East Lansing, Michigan.

"Congratulations on your ET and on deciding to make your own.  I wanted to comment because we went through the same thing in our shop.  For 3 years we purchased good quality ice cream for around the same price as you and when we decided to start making our own, my number 1 motivator was to save on the cost per tub.  I can tell you that once you have that machine in your hands you will not care as much about the cost as you will about the quality of the ice cream you make.  You will save a lot but it is addictive to keep trying your own methods and receipts to make the best possible product.  It's been two years now and it was the best thing we've done for our business". - Moncef Bennaji,

Orange Octopus, Sarasota, FL


"Steve, just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks….. we are about two weeks away from celebrating our (The House Boozy Ice Cream & Brews) One year anniversary.  This whole crazy idea would not be as successful as it is without your amazing machines and your awesome support. So once again, I just wanted to say thanks." - Robert & Carmen Nickle, Owners/Founders, The House – Boozy Ice Cream & BrewsSan Antonio, Texas

"Thank you for building such an amazing machine so our business does so well."  - Jaime Votaw, Ice Cream Sammies, Chandler, AZ

"Dear Mr. Thompson,
I had purchased your FT I.O.C. batch freezer in 2005 and proud to say that it is closing in on 70,000 gallons of ice cream produced, trouble free!"

Brian Brennan, Brennan’s Big Chill, Bloomsburg, PA.

"Hi Steve,
Thanks so much for your generous help in the recent past with my questions.  Its is great to
know that my business can rely on the very best batch freezer on the market, as well as the
only “accessible” manufacturer in the world, should questions arise or help be needed.
And your online videos have been a very valuable resource  for my learning curve."

- Daniel Duffin, Happy Holstein, LLC, Klein Farms, Easton, PA

Have I told you lately how much I love this machine?
Winter has been good to us. Spring is coming back more and more every day.
(Julie) and Allen Nelson, 
Hurry Back Ice Cream, Sellwood (Portland), OR"

I haven’t had a chance to really tell you what I think about Emery Thompson equipment because I have been too busy making ice cream and gelato. I had never been in the ice cream business and really had no idea what I was doing. I did a lot of Googling and kept seeing Emery Thompson coming up. My kitchen supply company was really putting the squeeze on my to buy Carpigiani, since they were a dealer. I heard all the tall tales about how Carpigiani was the biggest and best. Still not convinced I attended your seminar and watched you and Jeff make some really good ice cream. It was simple but most important the equipment was solid. The door, dasher and the case were solid stainless steel. Finially the time came and I pulled the trigger and bought the 24 quart machine. I was a bit concerned because I was buying a 24 quart machine and it seemed most people started with a CB350 6 quart machine. I had high expectations and did not want to be working twice as hard if I could make big batches. 
I was lucky enough through you to have met Rocco Giovanniello, gelato chef extraordinaire, he was key to training me and providing some great recipes. When we opened we were swamped, we were doing over 500 transactions a day and I was “spinning” ice cream all the time. This was not even our “season” since we opened on September 15, 2015 after Labor Day. Since then we have practiced, streamlined our process and fine tuned our flavors. We are now locked and loaded and ready for spring/summer 2016. 
I only wish I had listened to you more. I bought some Itailian made dip cases because I wanted to be authentic. They were a good brand but two months after opening a compressor took a poop. We were in a hurry so I just bought another compressor to the tune of $800.00 and got it going again. We then found out it was a valve that caused the problem and contacted the manufacture. After much begging they agreed to send a new valve. After a few days I requested a tracking number because their offices were in San Francisco not more then two days away UPS. I came to find out it was coming from Italy and it took two weeks to get. We installed the valve but still lost two weeks of gelato sales. We are now fighting with the manufacture over who pays for the compressor and labor. 
Your statement is still ringing in my ears, “if you need a part, I will have it to you the next day”. Well, I have made 100’s of gallons of ice cream and gelato and I have yet to need anything. I can’t imagine buying anything but an Emery Thompson. 
I just thought you needed to know this because sometime we all need an “atta boy, keep up the good work”.
Jerry Dunn,
Scoops, Catalina Island"

"Hi Paula, this is Chun-Han. Thank you for the CB-200 machine.
The machine arrived a week ago and I have started to experimenting some of my receipts on it.
I want to tell you that I loved the machine.
The parts are easy to clean, solid, reliable.
It doesn't make much noise and the freezing time is amazingly short that it removed my icicle problems.
I had let my families and friends tried the resulting products and they loved it.
Once again,
Thank you.
Chun-Han Chiang"

"I'm trying to buy replacements for the worn plastic dasher blades in my Capigiani LABO 30 45 M
I'm in Sydney Australia. I have been trying for the last 6 months with the local Capigiani distributors, without success. I attended a trade show in Sydney a month ago where Carpigiani were an exhibitor. The carpigiani  Italian master gelato demonstrator as seen on youtube  was on show to demonstrate, their wonderful machines and to sell their after sales service and support. I approached him directly and explained my situation. 

He appeared embarrassed and passed me on to another Carpigiani Rep from Italy.
He also listened to my story and passed me on to the Aust Melbourne office rep. 
The Melbourne rep Listened to my story and passed me on to the Sydney Rep. 
The Sydney Rep recognised me and gave me some ridiculous story about staff problems, and promised to contact me immediately after the show. 
One month latter NOTHING FROM CARPIGIANI   no surprise. 

I continue using the machine by spacing the blades out using SS washers. It is important that others are aware of the false advertising as shown on [Carpigiani] Youtube videos. I am still looking for a solution. - Joe, Concord Coffee & Cakes, Concord NSW, AU".

"Hey Steve,
I can't tell you how much i like the CB200. I have finally figured out some good recipes and made some really good ice cream. I have been making batches and giving out samples to any customer who purchases a cupcake. 100% positive feedback!!!!. So far the key lime has been a huge hit and i cant wait to start selling it. I dont know why but in my area strawberry is very popular. We have about 4 different cupcakes that have strawberry in them and they selllllll out. I have had many customers ask me to do a strawberry or strawberry cheesecake ice cream. I have looked at your online recipes but can't find one. Do you by chance have one or know where i can get a good one? any help would be super amazing, thanks again for everything. - Carlo Lacombe, Smallcakes, Bonaire, GA.".

"Great information, Thanks for the help [with ice cream holding temperatures].  We use a CB-350 I purchased from you 4 years ago. We love your machine. It is truly the best I’ve worked with. " -  Chef Rodger Martin, Executive Chef, Dallas Country Club

Thank you for your quick response. This is why I insisted on an Emery Thompson so I would have the “go to” person when needed. I’m going to take a breath and give it another go this morning. We have been slammed for the last 6 days with no time to even look up. I’m going to try and rework my freezer shelving so I can store more product. I cannot keep up only doing 12 quart batches so I am ordering 200 gallons of mix today (100 14% ice cream and 100 gallons 8% gelato) and step up to the big boy class of 24 quart batches. I’m just glad I bought the bigger 24 quart machine. I will keep you posted. Thanks again for your help" - Jerry Dunn, Scoops, Catalina

"Thanks Steve

Your answer was great I have been actually adding sugar for the last 3 weeks and it really makes all the difference.

My Pregel lecturer was trying to tell me that a Carpigiani batch freezer makes gelato more smoother [that's] bull**t it's all about the ingredients.

I bought chocolate milkshake syrup today I will try making your Coffee gelato recipewith the chocolate syrup and I will let you know how it comes out. Instant Coffee always has a bitter taste in Icecream or gelato so I am hoping the chocolate syrup
gets rid of it.

Have a great night.
Michael​​ Konstantinoff"

"Dear Benjamin,
Thank you for your enquiry on the Emery Thompson Batch Freezers. I have received your enquiry from Steve Thompson.
I have been the Emery Thompson agent in Australia and New Zealand for the past 8 years plus. Your Pregel lecturer sounds like a used car salesperson. To gain confidence and approval from his prospect customers, he has to discredit or defame his opposition.
First of all, it is not true to say that you cannot communicate with someone in Australia. I am the agent here for Emery Thompson, and as I work for myself, you can contact me 24/7. It is true to say that we do not carry many spare parts in Australia that is because there is not much need for it. The Emery Thompson Batch Freezer is a robust piece of equipment and I do sell very little spare parts. However, we can deliver the Batch Freezer and/or the Spare Parts to you in one simple order from the USA to your preferred location, anywhere in Australia. It will be my job to take care of your buying experience.
The prices of parts in the USA have nothing to do with the cost of the actual parts in Australia. We all face the same challenge of Import Taxes, Charges, Duties and Freight. In fact, we do not pay Duties for USA manufactured goods unlike European imports. I deal with both continents, so this is a fact. The value of the Australian Dollar has dropped against both currencies, the EURO and the US Dollar. However, we have a better exchange rate of $0.68 USD to the EURO 0.59 against the Australian Dollar.
It is also not true to say that you will wait weeks from parts from the USA. Emery Thompson stock most of the parts, and depending on the urgency versus cost, you can get parts to Australia with 4-10 days. I have been in business for 14 years now with agencies from both the USA and Europe, so I believe I have an idea of shipping times and prices.
I am not in the business of denigrating my opposition. They obviously rely on this kind of behaviour because they feel threatened by a superior piece of equipment, to gain short term business and to win your confidence. I can point out several facts to you, whereby a couple of my clients were furious about buying an Italian Batch Freezer and asked me to replace them with Emery Thompsons. You lecturer is also misleading you about the way Gelatos or ice cream are made. The quality of your product will depends on your ingredients and the length of time it spends inside the cylinder. That is for you to determine.
NOTE: It is not true to say that Emery Thompson Batch Freezers do not produce winning products. Please consult on the Australian Dairy Foods magazine where you will find on regular occasions my clients win the Gelato competitions with an Emery Thompson Batch Freezer.
The principle of freezing is the same. It contains a barrel, a set of scraper blades and the heat exchange that occurs inside the barrel. Most Batch Freezers operate on the same principle. Maybe you should consider who sponsors your Pregel courses. You might find the answer there.
Here are a few of facts for you to consider in your approach when considering a Batch Freezer.
1)     Emery Thompson is the inventor of the Batch Freezer. There can only be one inventor. The rest are copies.
2)     Emery Thompson has 110 years of history in this business. It is a family business through 3 generations and do not require introduction. This product has a worldwide reputation.
3)     The oldest Emery Thompson Batch Freezer in Australia is 56 years old and still working.
4)     My business Ice Cream & Process Solutions is renowned for its customer service. I have multi-nationals as well as individual people as clients.
I hope the above information will be helpful to you. 
If you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me “in your own time zone”.
Greg Briggs.
Ice Cream & Process Solutions Pty Ltd"

"I am very pleased with the way the CB 200 is working, the gelato it makes is great. So far the recipes I have tried have transferred very well without any problems. Thank You for all the help you have been giving me I really appreciate all the support you give to your customers. It has been a real pleasure  and I am glade to know that I can ask any question and get such great response. Thank you!" - James Fortini

"When I have made Gelato with a Carpigiani and other batch freezers every time the Gelato comes out of the batch freezer the Gelato is never ready a lot of times. I have had to restart the batch freezer and when you do that the Gelato never comes out good. Vanilla always comes out perfect on a Carpigiani but many other flavours are never ready; the product comes out way too soft and it melts a bit before you get it into the freezer therefore it lacks in texture once the product freezes up.

I am so happy with my Emery Thompson batch freezer and I am planning to buy your 24 quart batch freezer " - Michael Konstantinoff, Super Frozen Desserts, Sydney, Australia
"I just wanted to give you an update on what's going on since I purchased my machine.  I really enjoy my machine and I have my ice cream going into 3 grocery stores and I'm working with a hotel chain and have my ice cream in a restaurant as well.  It works great and the ice cream is consistently creamy, smooth and delicious.  I'm sending a picture of my "Coco de Cafe" chocolate and organic decaf coffee with wheatgrass ice cream; coming directly and fresh from my CB-200 ice cream maker.  Thank you so much, the quality and performance is the best and it's easy to use which is very important.  Before I purchased the CB-200 I was using 6 Cuisinart machines and I wouldn't have ever been able to produce enough ice cream to get it into stores and restaurants. I just wanted you to know that I wouldn't have been able to make my dreams of producing the best dairy free, gluten free, vegan ice creams come true without your ice cream machine.  Thank you." - Linda Fisher, Swheatez (pronounced: "Sweet-eez"), Lee's Summit, Missouri

"This is too simple. Wednesday night I got up at 3 am and made my first product from the CB 350.  Italian Lemon ice.  I used your online receipt and it came out brilliant with the zest of the lemons and all.  That frozen lemonade is addictive.  So easy to produce.  I was so excited that I could not go back to sleep.  This weekend I am going try some cream ice.  If I can make a real go of only making ice or cream ice, this enterprise will be something else.  Thanks for all your assistance and encouragement and your wonderful machine." - Hezikiah Maddox, Tortola, British Virgin Islands

"Wow, you always amaze with your response time.  Customer service alone we made an excellent decision buying your machine."  - Josh Nelson"We just bought your beautiful CB-350, and it is a pastry chef's dream! I couldn't be more happy with it. We went from a machine that pretty much had an "On" and "Off" switch to one of your machines. The difference is night and day." Chef Lindsay Stewart, Ninety Acres Culinary Center/Natirar, Peapack-Gladstone, NJ

"My first ET was chain driven...1950's..second 1984 vintage. This new machine is quiet..Less tiresome ..no nonsense..No vibration...just lovely..Accurate...8mins.done..no more no less..again thanks
Runs amazingly. .quiet efficient..Also...my electric bill has dropped.
By 250.00 per month..and we had a rate increase..making exactly same volume The new ic machine saves...pays for it self...from $1070.00to $820.00..  Lastly the ice cream is creamer..Much better texture...amazingly Better.."
- Dr. Mike's Ice Cream Shop, Bethel, CT

"Last week one of my employees put our batch freezer together after cleaning, but... omitted a key part that could not be found...I assumed the worst... that it was thrown away or lost. I called Steve Thompson after the factory was closed. He got the part, ran it down to be overnight shipped. We received it the following morning saving me delays in producing the necessary ice cream for our weekend. Thanks for the extraordinary service, Steve." - Colonel Don Lambert, The Colonel's Creamery, Florence, KY

"Steve, Thanks for putting my mind at ease. I know you already know this, but you guys are amazing. Not a day goes by when Jen and I aren't completely satisfied with our purchase. The level of personal service you provide is unparalleled." - Andrew Satinsky

 "Thanks for the fine machine! I want to tell you the story of my Emery Thompson 20 NW Batch Freezer. I had been using this machine for seven years when Hurricane Katrina paid us a visit in Aug. of 2005. We had 5 feet of salt water in the Old Town Slidell Soda Shop. As you know your machines do not float. The Soda Shop was under water in the shop for 3 days, and when it was gone we had the four inches of black mud that was on everything to deal with. We made a decision not to reopen the shop we had operated for 15 yrs. I shut the doors and left my beloved batch freezer, (full of mud) in the middle of the gutted kitchen. The reason I say beloved is because I maintain all of my own equipment, and I love any piece of equipment that I never had a moment of trouble with. Now comes the good part. I kept the doors of the building closed for 7 years with the batch freezer sitting in the kitchen. I had not cleaned or touched the machine. It still had all the mud on it, and in it. I made a decision to reopen the Soda Shop in 2012, and I knew I was going to use my Emery Thompson batch freezer. My brother and I tore into the machine. We took everything off that we possibly could. We scrubbed and cleaned every nut and bolt. We put it back together. The only part we had to buy was an $8.00 capacitor. My beloved machine has worked without even a moment’s trouble. I cannot thank you enough for continuing your family’s legacy with the manufacture of such a great piece of equipment. I have no idea how anyone thinking of making their own ice cream could think of not having an Emery Thompson Freezer." - Frank Jackson, Old Town Slidell Soda Shop, Slidell, LA

"Thank you for building such quality, affordable products, and for the amazing customer service. I don't think I've ever called a company to ask questions and been transferred to the company president. It's encouraging to know that such great care has gone into planning and constructing your machines." - Susan Warrell, Meltdown {simply delectable iced cream}, Bowling Green, KY

"I made Jeff's white Oreo cookie recipe. OMG! SO delicious and smooth. Your machine is AMAZING! Thanks for keeping it simple and non intimidating. A few years ago I went on a gelato tour of Italy. Your machine makes it just as smooth as the most expensive Bravo and Cattabrigia machines that all the Italian flavor companies swear by. I am very happy with my choice of buying an Emery Thompson in the USA! " - Wendy Beard

 "Dear Mr. Thompson,  My son and I have been watching the DVD's that you provided for us and we can't wait to start our business next year.  In the meantime, we are watching and learning.  Great stuff!  You answer all the important questions in the DVD's.  Thanks for being a honest businessman." -  R. Rubano, McDonald, OH

 "I bought a used machine from someone on eBay...not much help from the seller after I purchased it." - Anon, Boston, MA.

"Steve this is a game changer for your company and what sets you apart from the rest. I was excited to hear this news as it opens the doors to so many people who want to get into the business and truly custom gourmet blends of artisan style deserts. We can now start with a smaller machine build revenue and then move into a bigger machine! Great work to your and your development team." - Carmine Warren

 "After careful consideration, I am consider rather getting another CB350. It has served me well in the past. It has a great capacity. Last summer I pushed 2 tonnes of ice cream out in one month with the machine." - Hendrik van Wyk, Figaro's Gelateria, Canmore, Alberta Canada.

 "Hi Steve, I wanted to let you know that I did my first batch of Italian Ice earlier today. I liked how the machine was quite simple to use and the consistency of the product was good." - Kimberly Dacay, Riverside, CA.

 Question from Yahoo's Ice Cream Folks group: "I am starting an ice cream shop in NE Alabama this spring and I'm looking for a used ET cb350."

"You have a better chance of winning the lottery than finding someone to part with their Emery Thompson batch freezer" - Dave Gehlman, Roxberry Creamery, Johnstown, PA.

"The 40quart batch freezer I bought from you not quite a year ago is working great and has helped me to save over $3,300 in my water bill in the past 10 months. In addition, we love the infinite overrun! It has allowed us to really modify our products more which is appreciated by many of the chefs in this area." David Zimmermann, Royal Scoop Homemade, Bonita Springs, Florida

 "We are proud to declare that Squebees Original Home Made Ice Cream which operates in Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago to be precise purchased an Emery Thompson batch freezer. We worked hard at owning this batch freezer and now that our company has finally bought it we can safely say that it is the best investment an ice cream business could ever make. This batch freezer is neat, simply, extremely durable and effective, everything Steve said it would be. With this new 24 Quart we can now make six buckets of ice cream in one hour. The fact that I was unable to visit the US to ensure that I was making a good buy was not much of an issue because I was afforded much comfort and support from Steve Thompson and his team. They were polite, understanding, timely and always available for consultation. Emery Thompson’s customer service is truly second to none and for these reasons I would recommend this company to anyone." Oreal Alexander, Squebees Original Home Made Ice Cream, Trinidad & Tobago

 "I just wanted to write you a quick note and tell you thank you for the CB-350 Batch Freezer. We purchased it from you in June, 2012 and we run it for hours and hours every single day. We use it for water ice and frozen custard. Our customers love our product and we are very appreciative to you and your family for building such a great machine. We hope all is well for you and your family." Steve and Mysha Hatch, Mia's Italian Ice, Lehi, UT 
"Emery Thompson Machines don't break. I found one in Cuzco, Peru in 1974 and asked the guy what he did for parts. His reply was a classic - " Parts? -  what parts? I don't need parts - this machine will run forever."  If you want to go broke run the parts dept at Emery Thompson." Kit Henningsen, Henningsen Foods International Sales, Stony Creek, CT 
"I inherited an Emery Thompson ice cream maker when I leased this restaurant in 1990 and it has worked like a dream ever since. The one time I called to see about an issue we were having (it was making a funny noise), Steve Thompson got on the phone, said “I’m Emery’s Grandson, tell me what it’s doing and I’ll tell you how to fix it”.  I almost cried.  It is so rare these days to buy a piece of equipment with that kind of integrity and durability behind it. Thanks for 23 years of amazing ice creams and sorbets." Susan Spicer, Chef/Owner, Bayona - New Orleans, LA

 "Hi Steve, not a day goes by that I don’t thank you for my ET machine….we are having a great season so far." Karen Morgan,Captain Sam's Ice Cream - Portland, ME

"Just to let you know that we have been open for two weeks now and it's been a roaring success! We can hardly keep up with the demand for our delicious gelato and we couldn't be happier with our CB-350's. What great machines they are - so solid and like tireless work horses. We love them! If things get any busier I'll have to buy the emery machine which is one size up. Thanks again for such amazing products and service." - Joe Donnelly, PocoGelato -  Leigh-on-sea, Essex, England

"Brilliant! It works! Thank you Steve, as always excellent customer service (wouldn't get that from carpigiani!)" 
Lucy Donnelly, PocoGelato -  Leigh-on-sea, Essex, England

"We are thrilled beyond belief at our new machine! It is making WONDERFUL ice cream from day one and we couldn't have made a better decision! yea!" - Lisa Hodge, Fox's Pizza Den - Waxhaw, NC

"I am glad to let you know that the CB350 I bought from you last year is working properly, and although I still have some unused time for it, our business has gone up thanks to the quality of the ice cream we make. Recently we opened our second ice cream parlor. I am very glad about taking the right choice: an Emery Thompson machine."
Joaquin Argandoña, Sucre - Bolivia

"Your customer service is the gold standard! And we love your machine. I really think you have a winning formula -- an exceptionally well made and easy to use machine and Steve answering the phone!" Deborah Kimble, Beachy Cream, Malibu, CA

"Emery Thompson...I have a Emery Thompson Batch freezer for the past 12 years...I bought it new and it has never given me one issue...It has been a reliable work horse or work pony, it is a smaller one, that has delivered batch after batch and has never seen the repair man... ". Thomas Morrison, Rock Salt Creamery, Lakes Region, NH.

On starting up Arundel Ice Cream Shop last year*: "Best things I did: I met Steve Thompson of Emery Thompson, and I love my batch freezer machine to pieces!". Teresa Adreoli, Arundel Ice Cream Shop, Arundel, Maine (*"The Scoop" - Members Corner, Winter 2011)

 "Thank you very much for your support. It is refreshing to see good customer support these days. I am impressed with the construction and quality of the machine and your response." Richard Horning, Pebble Beach Resorts - The Inn at Spanish Bay, Pebble Beach, CA 

 "Thank you very much for your telephone help Saturday. It was much appreciated and a testimony to your company's drive to be the best and support us owners of your machines above and beyond my wildest expectations. Your help proves made in America is important." - Frank Kolhouse, Scoops and Burgers, Cleveland, TN 

Thinking about starting your own frozen desserts business? Read David's great real life story! - David Ford, Weber's Premium Ice Cream, Fairview Park, Oh.

 "Steve, I forgot to mention when I spoke with you that we got the cds and just loved them.  Thanks so much.  It really helps to see the process and they will be great for training new employees.  Thanks again for doing such a great job.  And we are so glad that you have been able to keep everything in America." - Carolyn Conner, Gilly's Creamery, Virginia Beach, VA.
"When I think Italian Ice, This is exactly the finished product I'm looking for... First batch of lemon Ice went far past my expectations. Thanks for all your help, I have no doubt  Italian Ice is going to go over great in Maui.." - Justin Fournier, Kya's Italian Ice, Kihei, HI.
"I just wanted to say that I am very happy with my new CB350!  It has been a tremendous help with my production and is so easy to use.  My production time has gone from a full day to a couple of hours." - Christian Nye, Nye's Cream Sandwiches, Wilmington, NC.

 "Amen! We LOVE our ET!!!!" - Hubert & Robin Maughan, Discovery Ice Cream, Mt. Pleasant, S.C.

"I am in the market for a new batch freezer. If you were to buy a new batch freezer what would it be and why? Right now I am leaning towards the Emory Thompson because of ease of use, and made in the USA. (not to mention Steve is one of the nicest guys you would want to meet). I have a Carpigiani right now." - Greg Hansen, Calabash Creamery, Calabash, NC."I know I have posted this before but if you want a workhorse then buy an Emery Thompson...Like I said before I did so much research on batch freezers before I bought my ET that I think I may have drove Steve nuts with questions about his machine...and not once did he ever knock the other companies product as that showed me his focus is on his product...and in today's world most people are out there knocking the competition to make sale...Flawless Craftmanship....and you know before I bought my batch freeze I challenged Steve Thompson as he told me to call his home if I had a question or problem so I tested him and called one evening with a few questions just to see if he would take the call and even cut me short and I will tell you he would have talk to me for an hour if need be....fined another equipment manufacture that will do that let along give you his home number." Dave Gehlman, Roxberry Creamery, Johnstown, PA.
"Personally, for the product I make, I'd buy an Emery Thompson. In my opinion, it's the best built, lowest cost to maintain, and most flexible in terms of allowing you to do a lot of things like adding chunky ingredients to the batch itself. And like you say, Steve Thompson is a great resource to have should you ever have questions or problems." Steve Reppucci, Mad Maggie's Ice Cream, North Andover, MA.

 "If you want the workhorse of the industry for batch freezers...let me sum it up in two words for you: Emery Thompson. Oh by the way if you have an issue with it or a question you can call the owner at his home...try that with any other company." - Dave Gehlman, Roxberry Creamery, Johnstown, PA.
"I want to say thank you for all of your help over the past year. I 
finally have the ice cream plant in place and powered. I made my first 
4 batches of ice cream Monday to serve out last night. It was a huge success! I love the book I got from you. Can’t wait to try all of the recipes."  - Greg Sullivan, Food Service Director/CEC, Southwestwern Adventist University, Keene, TX

"We Love our machine!! Talk about an excellent, well made, work-horse! Thank You!!"  - Mary Canales, Ici Ice Cream, Berkeley, CA
"I have been researching equipment for quite a while (2 years!), and of course the usual suspects have come up, but I always try to dig deeper and find out more. My  conclusion is simple; when I buy a batch freezer it will be one of yours. How did I come up with this, you may ask? Simple, when I read Craigslist for batch freezers there are a lot of Taylors, Carpigiani, Electrofreeze, Technogel, Stoetling and Emery Thompson machines available. Most are either a mix of older (5-15 years) and newer models. That tells me the life expectancy is about 12 years for most machines. The issue is with the newer machines, why are they out there? Well, core business failure and oversell of equipment. This tells me that if you want to be successful in the frozen dessert business you need to seriously consider the equipment purchases you make. There is one company that is strangely different than the rest, and unless they are not selling any machinery you see very few newer used machines (I counted one between Ebay and all of Craigslist) for sale. I just emailed a guy who's machine he has for sale is a 1958 or so Emery Thompson, and so many are out there, and I think most of the people are retiring and the equipment is still productive, compared with bad business!" - Rodi Planck

 "My father always told me the same thing – “Always start with more than you think you’ll need because you’ll grow into it”.  I have a 3 car garage and wish I had a 4.  I also purchased the 44 Qt. ET.  I have another business and don’t have a lot of time to be making ice cream.  So the 44 Qt. was the better option for me." Rob Langlois, Big Licks Homemade Ice Cream, Old Orchard Beach, ME

 "I just want to tell you that if I didn't start making my own hand-dipped ice cream  some 14 years ago, I would not still be in this business. The cost and quality advantage that you will get  from making your own products just can t be found from a bulk distributer." Joe, Dippy's Ice Cream, Mantua New Jersey 

 "Just want to let the group know I did at least 6 months of testing and research before buying a new batch freezer. OK so I'm a little extreme when it comes to research but I spend my money wisely. Today was the first day for me to fire up my new Emery Thompson 24 qt machine and I can confirm my research findings. This is without a doubt the KING of batch freezers and a workhorse thats 2nd to none. I will say there is not another company that can match this machine for workmanship. It's a beast and my employees have a name for it already. The TERMINATOR. Steve Thompson you should be very proud of your families knowledge over the past 104 years and the craftsmanship of your machine. The best thing about this machine it's made right here in the USA by what I would have to guess is a superior group of employees. Everytime I have called there over the past 4 months not once did anyone not help me with a question or find someone who could." ... "If you're buying a batch freezer remember two letters ET."  Dave Gehlman, Roxberry Creamery, Johnstown, PA.

 "I've been using the newly designed blades for my 20 quart batch freezer for a couple of weeks and I'm very impressed with them. It's a wonderful concept with the heavier, sharper blade edges and I like the fact that I can remove the blades for better cleaning and easier replacement. The design and machine work is first rate. Thanks for making our trusty E-T batch freezer even better!" Stephen Rankin, Newburyport, MA 

 "We wanted to thank you for an awesome ice cream machine. We have been so happy with it! We are very glad that we decided to make our own ice cream. Our customers are continually commenting on how fantastic our ice cream tastes. Thank you for your demonstrations and advice. Making our own signature flavors has been a huge asset to our business." ... "Thanks again for all the help and a wonderful machine!" Shawn and Cammie Yokes, Winter Garden FL

 “We bought our 20 quart Emery Thompson in 1947 (61 years old) and now we need a part for it.” La Guli Pastry Shoppe, Astoria, NY

“I have often said that there are no real secrets in this business other than (1) using the best equipment (Emery Thompson) and (2) using the best ingredients and using them generously.” Gary’s Ice Cream, Chelmsford, MA
 “Hello Steve. This is Chris – one of your old customers – finally after 21 years, we need a part!” La Rocca’s Italian Ices, Staten Island, NY

 "I just wanted to drop a note to you and Slade...thanks for helping us figure out this problem and get it taken care of. It means A LOT that you care even though the machine is not in your facility anymore. I've encountered too many people here that give poor customer service and it drives me nuts! You and your people are the complete opposite and it pleases me to tell them about you when they inquire about our machine. Thanks again, Steve, for going above and beyond for us and all your customers." Kim Teigen, Scoop Town Creamery, Sturgis, SD

"We love your company and love all the tools you have put into our hands right from the beginning w/o even being your customer,  that has sold us on how much you care for people to succeed in this industry."  Tom and Gail Neuberger, Sweet Cheeks, Tulsa, OK

   "My family owns and operates Shaw Farm Dairy Inc. in Dracut, Ma.  We just completed a new fluid milk and ice cream facility on our farm and your machines survived the move to the new plant!  Considering the age on our machines I was quite surprised, but they are going strong!  I read some of your website articles and I really enjoy it.  You run a great family business and keep it surviving by manufacturing a great machine.  It seems in todays day and age you don't get to find too many companies that take pride in doing what they do and go out of their way to make sure quality comes first.  I really enjoy seeing that your company has done well all this time by producing great quality machines.  My family business is entering its 102 year in business and I know its not easy to survive with all the competition out there today, but we do it.  Just thought I'd send you an email to let you know how nice it is having a company like yours to do business with.  Keep up the good work!"Mark Shaw, Shaw Farm Dairy Inc., Dracut, MA

"First of all LOVE MY MACHINE!!! I polish it lovingly every night before I leave and gently clean its parts. Bad news is I should have bucked up for a 40-quarter as I am producing 20-30 3-gal tubs a day!"  ...  "...I think I'll need to look at the bigger machine."  Amy Ahearn, DownRiver Ice Cream, Essex, MA
"Dear Steve, I called you yesterday, 6-29-09 for advice on a problem with one of your gelato machines. You put me right on the problem and gave me the exact advice on what to do to  make it right. Thus saving me a lot of time and also making me look  good in front of the customer. She was very pleased with the entire experience and so was I. Keep up the good work!" Ron Czarnecki
"We have been making ice cream for 6 years and started with a Taylor 20 quart and found it hard to keep up.  We added a 40 quart Emery Thompson as our main batch and use the Taylor for the more unusual flavors. Our shop is in a rural area and open 8 months (western PA).  The most fun is being able to make any flavor that strikes us..." Dave and Carol McCullough,McCullough's Ice Cream Shoppe,  Stoneboro, PA.
"I learned how to make both gelato and ice cream in North Carolina. I just like ice cream better, and I think our customers agree." Gary Schoen, Rick's Ice Cream, Palo Alto, CA
“I took a one year tour of ice cream parlors and any place that I would want to call my own was using an Emery Thompson!”Stacey Manderland, Pine Grove, CA
 “I got the DVD on how to make frozen desserts and we all watched it. Your attitude is 100%...fast answers, personal attention by senior staff and you fulfilled your promise to send the DVD in 4 days. “Assi ben Moshe, Israel
“It worked great at our last ice cream course. The frequency drive is a real valuable addition.” Dr. Scott Rankin, University of Wisconsin
“This is the true-blue batch freezer of the lot. The original, the simplest, and the least-gimmicky of the bunch, Emery Thompson batch freezers are the only ones produced from U.S. materials using U.S. labor, made to withstand decades of use.”Dessert Professional Magazine
“I have never used any batch freezer except Emery Thompson, and I have no reason to ever consider a change. The personal service that you provide is just too big a part of the equation.” Tom and Jane Monaghan, Mary Jane’s Dairy Bar, Newburgh, NY
“I have to tell you the DVD you sent me was absolutely wonderful! After watching the DVD I feel as though I am an expert ice cream maker. Thank you for putting this together and helping all of us “Ice Cream Experts.” Kelly, Houston, TX
“A freezing chamber that is six times thicker than the competition’s allows inclusions to be added without fuss, including whole cookies for cookies and cream or liquid chocolate for stracciatella gelato.” Dessert Professional Magazine

"I finally start yesterday with making of Ice cream we made vanilla the whole day. The machines are too fast for us. My father in law has also an Ice Cream factory and his batch freezers are like forty years old and they are still going strong. Once again thank you for every thing." - Gina Berkley, Berendz Candy & Giftshop/Pieche's Ice Cream & Yogurt Factory, Oranjestad, Aruba

 "Thank you for this (CB-350) machine. it is the greatest thing ever invented, my only regret is I didn't Buy a 12QT!" Mike Fawcett, Redbud Marina, Claremore OK

Sure, we can tell you how great our machines are and how the average Emery Thompson will last three times longer than the competition…. but we thought you’d like to read what our customers say about us!


Some comments from our customers on Facebook...



Bob Watts reviewed Emery Thompson Machine — 5 star

July 11 · 

I never think about this equipment and have owned it for 2 1/2 years - that should tell you a lot. I depend on it to work and it does. I've made hundreds of batches of ice cream and it has never failed to impress me.


Josh Nelson reviewed Emery Thompson Machine — 5 star

August 30 at 2:24pm · 

Steve and his crew are AMAZING! We've had our machine going on 4 years (24 quart water cooled) and only had one problem. And we run this machine nearly every day. I was emailing steve at 8 pm my time and the next morning they had the part over nighted. I've also had other industry related questions and he always has the answers. You can't go wrong with an emery thompson machine.


Andrew Rodriguez reviewed Emery Thompson Machine — 5 star

March 6 · 

Great machine, exceptional service. Keeps chugging along without anything resembling a real issue. If you need a question answered, odds are Steve Thompson himself will be the person on the other end of the line.


Fernando Jauregui Sch reviewed Emery Thompson Machine — 5 star

March 21 · 

I love the videos they inspire to do it myself, keep up the good work.


Michael Swain reviewed Emery Thompson Machine — 5 star

April 23, 2015 · 

We are getting ready to order our Second Machine.


Jeffrey J Moore reviewed Emery Thompson Machine — 4 star

June 20, 2014 · 

5 Star Rock's From Soft Frozen Lemonade Concessonars


Gregg Reed I can tell you the CB-350 is a workhorse since putting ours online in May we have produced over 220 three gallon containers of Italian ice.
Gregg Reed
Zeno's Italian Ice.

Joseph Hurtuk III These guys are great learned so much from them if you ever have the opportunity to take their classes make sure you do it this is Joe Jr from THE BOARDWALK ITIALIAN ICE AND CREAMERY in Boynton Beach Florida


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